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Shelf Display Stand 1.6m

Shelf Display Stand 1.6m

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1.6m Shelf Display Stand made of MDF wood, available in many colors.

This shelf stand is the perfect size for standing upright in retail shops and craft markets. Can be used for books, jars, beauty products, candles, glasses, mugs, plant pots, hair accessories and any other heavy weight products.

You can add a Logo in the options..

Assembly required, comes with 10 screws to fasten the sides/feet.

You can choose to have shelves with slots or without. The slots on the shelves can be used to place price tags or descriptions next to your products, or can be used for displaying all of your earring cards.


Total Height when assembled: 1.6m
Total Width of Pegboard: 60cm (approximately 62cm including the side feet of the stand)
Depth of feet: 41cm

The stand can fit in any car for transport, the maximum length when unassembled is 1.1m long x 60cm wide.

Each shelf is 60cm wide and 12cm deep. Each shelf is 16cm below one another. The Shelves are removable and not all shelves have to be used at once. You can remove some of the shelves if you have to display items that are more than 16cm tall.

For those looking to display their earring cards without using hooks/pegs: each shelf has 5 vertical slots which are 7mm deep and each slot can hold 10 small cards (4.5cm wide) or 6 large cards (7cm wide). You can choose to either use 3 of the 5 slots, or 2 of the 5 slots if you want more visibility for each pair of earrings, or you can use all 5 slots if you need to have as many as possible stock in one place.

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Logo size can be max 16cm height x 30cm width.

PLEASE NOTE that we can only do fairly simple logos/designs that are mostly text. Please contact us on if you are unsure, we will let you know if we can do your logo on the display before you make a purchase.

Please send us your logo after purchase to, we will send a final image for approval.


Please choose a color in the options. There are basic colors and custom colors to choose from. When choosing a custom color, please go to our "Custom Paint Color" listing and choose the color name in the options.

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